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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hack your wii for fast, easy and free in 7 minutes or less ! Homebrew HACK

Okay I will make this short, quick and easy to understand. First of all to hack your wii you will need :

  • an SD Card
  • A wii console of course
  • a computer connected to the internet
  1. Power on your wii console and go to settings
  2. Find your wii's MAC ADDRESS and write it down
  3. go to and enter your mac adress 
  4. cut either wire, red or blue it doesn't really matter
  5. a file will be downloaded
  6. put that file in your sd card
  7. Power on your wii and  go to the message section. You will see a new message with a bomb in it.Open it
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen and there ! you're done !

P.S I am not responsible for any damages or failures on your wii system. You do this because you want to not because I am forcing you ;D


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