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Are You Using The Four Letter Word?

The most powerful word in the marketing dictionary is made up of just four letters: F-R-E-E.

It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you're
promoting, if you can use the word FREE in your advertising
and marketing, then your response rates will shoot up.

People like FREE stuff. In fact, many people simply can't
resist the word FREE!

The problem is, you can't use the word FREE unless you
actually have something FREE to give, for example:

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These are all effective ways of introducing the magic word.
However, the best FREE idea of all is the FREE ebook.

It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you sell,
you can use FREE ebooks as a promotional tool to carry
your advertising AND build your reputation.

By creating an ebook that is related to your product or
service, and by giving that ebook away for FREE, you
achieve three things in one go:

You give yourself a legitimate reason to use the
word FREE in your advertising and promotion.

You generate FREE publicity for yourself by promoting
your product or service from inside your FREE ebook,

You build your credibility by making your book useful
and relevant to your target market.

To get the most out of this great FREE promotional tool,
keep these points in mind:

The ebook must be more than just a blatant ad for
your product or service. This could damage your
reputation rather than enhance it. Keep your
self-promotion present without being 'in your face'.

The content of your book must be useful and
relevant to your target market. There's no point
in giving away a FREE ebook that contains Internet
marketing articles written by other people, if you're
promoting guitar lessons. You'd be much better off
doing a bit of research online and creating a short
ebook on the history of guitar playing. After all, the
primary aim of the FREE ebook is to build your
reputation in the eyes of potential customers.

Encourage other webmasters/e-zine publishers to
freely distribute your book to their visitors/readers.
Be sure to state this clearly inside the book and
anywhere you make the book available for download.

Offer to create customized versions of the ebook
for those webmasters who want it. For example,
you could place an ad for the webmaster's site
on the cover page. This will encourage him/her
to work harder at giving it away, thus spreading
your message to more people.

Promote your FREE ebook by listing it on shareware
sites and in ebook directories as well as on your
own website and e-zine.

So, get busy. Ask yourself what it is that your target
market is interested in. Make a book that feeds that
interest and then start giving it away!

Michael Hopkins is a successful Ebook Publisher and
author of 'Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success on the
Internet'. Download you copy today at:


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