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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Changing this blog around

Hello people. I have been thinking about changing the theme of this blog which is all about freebies but for it to also focus on money saving ideas and ways to economize better,and providing links to cool sites,random ideas and other topics that will be of your interest. Freebies are great but what is even better is saving money.I want this blog to be a complete blog that you guys will visit more often, not only when you're in search of free stuff but also because it is entertaining. This is why... I need your help!!!I want to add more stuff to this blog.I have some ideas in mind but I want to satisfy you guys.What do you think will make this blog more interesting,what do you want me to provide you guys with ? for example cheat codes to video games,passwords,hacking videos. i don't know .It's all up to you guys(to whomever is reading this) Please comment this blog or email me at and i promise that I'll consider every suggestion given.


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