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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free video games,electronics,free movies, free everything!

You might be thinking it's quite impossible to get free Xbox points,accessories and even video games for free. No one gives out these kind of stuff for free right ? And if they do , they always ask you for something in exchange like to pay a one time fee, give out your credit card , your phone number  and it's never really free. There's actually ONE site that actually lets you get free Xbox points,accessories,video games and anything related to Xbox gaming systems at no cost.

Probably you think that again, this is another one of those scams but it's not.This website that I'm about to tell you about is 100% free,legit and legal.Many Xbox gamers have already gotten lots of free stuff through this website called POINTS2SHOP.

What is POINTS2SHOP ? POINTS2SHOP is a get to paid website in which you can play games,participate in the daily lottery,complete free offers and surveys and even GET PAID for referring other members. Whenever you complete an offer you get rewarded for points. Each 100 points is $1.And  200 points would be $2. Each offer pays out about 50points which equal 50 cents.Some pay up to 200 points or even more. POINTS2SHOP always has new,free and simple offers and surveys for you to complete so you can be making points EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They also have 10 games which you can choose from in which you compete against other members and whoever wins gets rewarded points.
The 10 games are

  • Madpet Madfrog
  • Pods Extreme
  • Jungle Tower 2
  • Shooting Gallery 
  • Word Maker
  • Oink Bunk
  • TriPeaks Solitaire
  • Racing
  • Springo Bingo
  • and the Daily number Limbo
These games are free to play but of course the member who loses will give out his points to the other member, so if you're not in the mood of completing offers, you can play games and win some points for having fun.

From Where or How Do I get My Xbox Gaming Gear ?
Once you have enough points to get what you want, you can get your Xbox gaming gear either from Amazon,Ebay and other site vendors because the points you earn through POINTS2SHOP can be used to buy from them.

Do I Need a Credit Card or What Do I Need to Sign Up?
 Points2shop is partnered with these site vendors, so don't worry you won't need a credit, nor a phone number. All they ask you for is your address,your name,and your DOB (date of birth since you must be at least 12 years old to join). Why do they ask you for your address? They ask you for your address so when you redeem your prize they send it to your address, so make sure to put a real address and not a fake one.

Make Money by Referring NEW Members
You can also make MONEY  by referring other members to this site.The picture below shows exactly how referring new members works.You refer new users to POINTS2SHOP,they complete their profile,they complete an offer and you get paid up to $1 for every referral. That's pretty good money because if you were to refer 15 members you can get paid up to $15 or even more

When and how do you get your Xbox Gaming Gear?
Let's say you wanted an Xbox Chat Headset w/ Microphone For Xbox 360 Video games that costs 152 points and you have enough points for getting it. All you do is purchase the reward with you points and wait about a day until Points2Shop approves it. It needs to get approved before it gets shipped because some members break Points2Shop rules and they complete some offers more than once and in some cases they have two Points2Shop accounts, but don't worry, most orders get approved.

Is this site legal?
You bet it is! You won't get in trouble for using Points2shop because the advertising companies pay Points2Shop when you complete an offer and Points2shop pays you in points which you can later redeem for prizes such as Xbox Gaming Gear or anything you want.

And Now... Some Proof....
Here are some pictures of prizes members have redeemed through Points2Shop

Members' Testimonials [Click For More]

Of course,members have gotten much more than this, I wouldn't finish putting up all the pics of all the prizes members have redeemed using Points2shop .
If you want to sign up simply click the sign up button below.


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